What We Offer

Here at Cubes, we understand the many and diverse needs of our customers, and as a result, we offer a variety of different storage and moving options. Whatever the case, we have the solution.

Constructed out of high-grade aluminum sheeting, our Cubes are made to withstand even the worst of the ever-changing east coast weather. The dual-layer walls allow for moderate insulation while the specially designed moisture-control floor ensures that your belongings will stay nice and dry. Ventilation throughout every unit also reduces risk of mold and mildew build-up. Additionally, each Cube is outfitted with lights and power outlets for increased functionality. Not to be outdone by the interior features however, the exterior boasts a unique and modern design all of which utilizes a low-e coating to enhance the life of the materials as well as maintain a comfortable temperature within the Cube. Our units come in 4 different sizes:


Enough space to store contents of 1 room.


Enough space to store contents of 2-3 rooms.


Enough space to store contents of 3-4 rooms.


Enough space to store contents of 4-5 rooms.

Portable Storage!


Our portable Cubes make storing your goods a hassle-free experience. We bring them right to your door and pick them up again as soon as you’re done. It’s that simple. We'll even haul the Cube to a new location if you're moving. How’s that for convenient?

8 x 8 - $139 +/ Month*

8 x 12 - $149 +/ Month*

8 x 16 - $159 + / Month*

8 x 20 - $179 +/ Month*

Stationary Storage!


Space is precious. We get that, which is why you have the option of storing your Cube at our secure facility once it’s been filled. That’s right, we’ll bring it to you and then keep it safe until you need it again. Just tell us when and where you want it, and we’ll bring your goods back looking like they never left the house in the first place!

8 x 8 - $139 +/ Month*

8 x 12 - $149 +/ Month*

8 x 16 - $159 +/ Month*

8 x 20 - $179+ / Month*

Buy Storage!


Cubes can be purchased as well.  Store your tools, turn it into a craft shed, stash excess clutter - the possibilities are endless. We’re so sure of our products that we even offer a 5-year warranty on each Cube we sell! Go on, find a mini barn that can beat our Cubes, we'll wait.

8 x 8 - $5590+ or $53+/mo*

8 x 12 - $5990+ or $57+/mo*

8 x 16 - $6290+ or $60+/mo*

8 x 20 - $6900+ or $66+/mo*

All delivered units incur a $198 round trip delivery cost. Additional mileage fees may apply.

* Prices vary by location